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The AMPER system consists of the following modules.


The AMPER MSF is a Sales Force Automation (SFA) module dedicated to support of the mobile sales crews through the automation of the mundane business sales tasks:

  • order processing
  • contact / customer relationship management
  • information exchange
  • inventory control
  • order tracking
  • sales analysis and forecasts
  • planning and controlling the work of the sales crew
  • connection to ERP

Check out our demo. App is available on Google Play and Apple App Store 


At AMPER we are distinctly aware of the differences between B2B and B2C e-commerce characteristics, therefore we created platforms accommodating specific purchasing and management needs for business buyers and retail consumers.

  • Impulse buying versus rational buying – B2C buyers will buy on impulse and make one-off purchases, B2B buyers plan purchases and make repeated purchases
  • A single decision-maker versus many decision-makers – B2C purchases are made by the buyer, B2B purchases often include several acceptance layers and may include various departments
  • Short-term customer relationship versus long-term customer relationship – B2C purchases are often one-off purchases, B2B purchases are based on long-term and ongoing relationships.
  • Fixed prices versus dynamic prices – B2C prices are generally not negotiable. B2B prices are usually negotiated individually.
  • Pre-Delivery vs. Post-Delivery Payment – B2C e-commerce is usually paid by credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc. before shipping the goods. In a B2B payment system, payments are decided by contracts and agreements and may be 30 days or more after the goods are shipped.
  • Delivery focused on speed versus delivery focused on punctuality – B2C buyers expect fast delivery and B2B buyers expect deliveries on a reliable schedule.

Characteristics of the B2B buyer

Overall, B2B and B2C e-commerce systems have search, navigation, product details, and personal account history pages. However, in many respects, B2B is significantly different from B2C

Most B2B companies have complex ordering processes, large attribute sets, and extensive back-end systems. Moreover, in the B2B scenario, purchasing is required to ensure uninterrupted operation.  

B2B – type of purchases and generally larger and often characterized by recurring status (on schedule) instead of individual purchases. For this reason, companies enter deals based on their monthly or even yearly demand. B2B merchants are required to work closely together and can customize pricing and services specific to needs of involved parties.  

B2B purchasing process involves input from multiple people and departments withing company structure. For example, a business may have multiple buyers or purchasing centers. They are responsible for finding the right products and entering into the right agreement with resellers. B2B payments are also under more scrutiny than B2C payments. There are more rules and regulations dictating how and when payments are made, as well as the payment method being used.

View our B2B demo, get a free account here .


There are many sales platforms on the market, such as Amazon, eBay, etc. Do you want to push your products there?  We offer AMPER module where you can easily define which group of the products you want to sell in the marketplace channel. AMPER will do the rest:

  • will automatically list new products from the group to the marketplace,
  • will update inventory
  • will create a clear description of the project with the photos
  • will download the order reports and present them in one, consolidated dashboard


Do you want to create loyalty programs for your clients? Exchange receipts for points? Enable the purchase of rewards for points? AMPER MSK module can do it for you. Here are some options:

  • dedicated offers and prizes,
  • accruing points for sales
  • redeeming points for prizes,
  • access to a loyalty account via the MSK application,
  • tracking your own activity and progress within the program,
  • additional discounts, gifts, cash back, vouchers, products, etc.



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