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Newsletter January 2023

List of implemented changes in AMPER

  • possibility to create promotions using customer base prices in AMPER MSF
  • list of recent transactions for products in mobile app
  • performance improvement of loading products list on AMPER B2B
  • adding asynchronous queries form performance improvement on AMPER MSF
  • correction of reloading list of products on AMPER B2B
  • amendments of printing invoices on mobile app
  • new module Tasks which allows quick creation of document for specified customer from targets list assigned to sales representative/customer on AMPER MSF
  • new, better method to adding gratification gratis while creating promotions from administration panel
  • new functions in Budgets module
  • new type of basket promotion with gratification gratis
  • possibility to create AMPER B2B account using mobile app
  • added payment types in AMPER MSF
  • general bugs and fixes
Marcin Żebrowski
Marcin Żebrowski

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