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28 December 2022
  • Marcin Żebrowski
  • Posted by Marcin Żebrowski

List of implemented changes in AMPER Manufacturers/Brands – possibility to add manufacturers and brands with short description and photo. Manufacturer zone. Brand zone. Indicator (linked logo) on product page and product tiles. Matching products – assigning multiple products to product. Displaying section with the product carousel on AMPER B2B. Recently viewed – product carousel on AMPER B2B Available customers – choice from multiple customers assigned to user New promotion type – product mix (with required product) price import in gratification...

28 December 2022
  • Tomek Dziemidowicz
  • Posted by Tomek Dziemidowicz

Standards We start by defining standards. What are standards? This is a list of products that should be in the store. In AMPER, we have the ability to define many standards and assign them to stores/chains of stores. Based on the standard, at a later stage, the system will be able to suggest what is missing in a given store. This is based on the photos taken / shelf analysis and combining it with the standard that applies in the...

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