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Merchandising visit – step by step


We start by defining standards. What are standards? This is a list of products that should be in the store. In AMPER, we have the ability to define many standards and assign them to stores/chains of stores. Based on the standard, at a later stage, the system will be able to suggest what is missing in a given store. This is based on the photos taken / shelf analysis and combining it with the standard that applies in the store. In short, it looks like this:

  • the sales department signs a contract with Shop A for the presence of goods A, B and C
  • we add a standard in which we specify that a given store should have product A, B and C
  • our merch periodically arrives at the point and takes photos of the store shelves where our products should be located
  • AMPER analyzes photos – detects products in the photos taken
  • based on the analysis of shelf photos and the defined standard, a suggested order is generated, which will be shown to the sales representative during the next visit

Step one, we add a standard

We define the name and description


We define contractors assigned to the standard

We establish a list of products as standard




Merchandising visit

Once the standards are defined, the representative can start performing actions. In addition to shelf analysis through photos, a number of other tools are available, such as:

  • quantitative reporting of the presence of goods in the store
  • surveys
  • tasks

Let’s move on to analyzing the photos of the shelf. The representative has the ability to add photos to each visit through the photo manager. This is a quick and simple operation.

We choose a photo

Photo analysis

After the representative visits and sends the photos to the server, the photos are analyzed for the presence of products. If a product is found on the shelf, it is marked.

As a result of the marking, a product presence report is created. Based on this report and the previously introduced standard, AMPER prepares an order suggested for a given point (the difference between the products that should be, i.e. the standard, and what was found in the photos).


Tomek Dziemidowicz
Tomek Dziemidowicz
Tomek Dziemidowicz is a graduate of mathematics. He wrote his first program at age 10 on an Atari computer. His technical background allowed him to quickly identify his passion – the world of computing. Over 15 years of experience in designing, deploying applications he has acquired a very good knowledge of the IT solutions market. He always comes to IT issues, not just on the technical side but also trying to understand “how the business works.” He is CEO of AMPLIFIER sp. z o.o. where he implementing his ideas in real life.

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