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List of implemented changes in AMPER

  • modernization of the B2B platform interface and anonymous mode.
  • introduction of a minimum price for a product for each customer.
  • adjustment of the delivery method based on the weight of the basket in B2B.
  • addition of a Quick Order option in the mobile app.
  • brands and manufacturers module – available in B2B/B2C and in the mobile app.
  • new push notifications for representatives.
  • function to search for promotions matched to the filtered product list in the mobile app.
  • new promotional module in B2B, allowing access to promotions from the product tile.
  • addition of a bar allowing quick generation of offers for B2B customers.
  • functionality to transfer orders from B2B to the sales representative’s mobile app.
  • ability to set up promotions using units of measurement.
  • separation of budgets into types: Piggy Bank and Promotional.
  • ability to view budget usage in the admin panel.
  • ability to view customer activity in B2B on the MSF app and in the ADM panel.
  • promotional price lists that allow promotions to be set for individual products.
  • new functions in the promotion gratification window in the admin panel.
  • ability to add multiple versions of the homepage for B2B/B2C.
  • implementation of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and SEO changes.
  • addition of customer context to the product list in the mobile app.
  • introduction of a new reporting system.
  • development of the Complaints functionality.
  • ability to use Collections as carousels and product lists using the CMS editor.
  • improvements to multiple lists and windows in the admin panel.
  • sales representative mode on the B2B platform.
Marcin Żebrowski
Marcin Żebrowski

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