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Newsletter May 2023

List of implemented changes in AMPER

  • integration of the mobile application with new tools for tracking errors and exceptions
  • new functions in the ‘My Account’ panel on the B2B platform
  • adding the ‘Registrations’ module to the administration panel, which allows you to manage registered users
  • a new module ‘CSS Styles’ that allows you to override styles on the B2B platform
  • adding the possibility of previewing the synchronization of sales representatives from the administration panel
  • hiding products on the B2B platform using product categories
  • new features in promotion mechanics
  • possibility of adding a free gratis for 0 PLN in promotion gratifications
  • transformation of the list of promotions in the administration panel
  • improvements in the mobile application, including a filter for listing unsettled contractors
Marcin Żebrowski
Marcin Żebrowski

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