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Newsletter June-July 2023

List of implemented changes in AMPER

  • extension of the CMS in the administration panel
  • updated promotion list and creation interface, added new features
  • change of the search engine, better relevance of the results
  • new version of filters bar on the B2B platform
  • change of ordering method in B2C mode (user not logged in)
  • added friendly names and product descriptions for B2B/B2C customers
  • added notifications about orders that are out of stock
  • the ability to assign specific products/categories
  • dictionaries in the ADM panel
  • new search suggestions on the B2B platform with the option of directly adding to the basket
  • adding dynamic pages that allow you to create your own B2B subpage
  • new promotional widgets with timer
  • the ability to add product lists and sliders on the home page and dynamic pages in B2B
  • new option of filtering by specific stock on product lists in the administration panel
  • facilitation of adding/removing products to temporary categories in the promotion condition
Marcin Żebrowski
Marcin Żebrowski

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